About Us


Our goal at Eggplant Inspiration is to make the world a better place one pouch at a time! We created Eggplant Inspiration as our family Covid Project (when we had lots of time to create together!) with the hope of bringing joy to people with our handmade products, and then doubling the joy by sharing the profits from these products with several important organizations. All of our charities are specially picked for the greatest impact they have, both locally and internationally.

During Covid, we sold (or gave away - Mama really likes sharing) more than 400 hand-made masks. We like to think of these masks being worn all around the world, helping keep each other safe. Thank you to those of you who supported our efforts during that strange and unprecedented time. 

We've partnered with other artists who make beautiful things so that we have even more wonderful things for you to put in your pouch! 

Here are some of the people behind Eggplant Inspiration:


Max Bixby, COO 

Max brings immense enthusiasm and energy to this project. He is our Shopify wizard and he works hard to make sure everything runs smoothly! He is the numbers guy and also helps research our charities and makes sure we are supporting wonderful causes.


Ben Bixby, Creative Director


Ben is in charge of all things creative and is a fountain of great ideas. If there are any rainbows, pugs or Harry Potter things around, you know Ben can't be far away! He keeps us on our toes and adds sunshine to our days.


Sam Bixby, PR Director


Sam is our social butterfly and takes care of our public relations. This kind-hearted guy is very fun to be around and brings lots of joy to our work environment!


Shannon Wall Bixby, Maker

Shannon loves to make things and spread joy in any way possible. She is excited to work with her sons on this project, who keep her honest and share her love of pouches, travel and adventure.